New Class!

We have some exciting news!!!!

The POP Workshop are opening a Saturday School from September in Chislehurst.


 St Nicholas Church Hall



9:30am – 12:30pm


 Classes are open to 5 -14 years of age


These classes are to help build confidence, focus on additional show work and create an exceptional performer whilst training in all three disciplines. Most importantly great fun to start the weekend!


Teachers: Gaby Dunk / Francesca Webb  

About Us

Gaby Dunk / Francesca Webb / Beth Wallis At The POP Workshop we teach innovative dance classes to children from 4 to 18 years, including street dance, commercial and musical theatre. Our aim is to create a fun and safe environment for children to learn dance, build their confidence and develop their skills as an all round performer. 

We work in class on various dance routines and songs that we put into our annual POP Workshop Show! This gives the students an exciting project to work towards and the parents a chance to see their talented children perform on a big stage! 


how we work

In 2016 Francesca and Gaby took over as principals of The POP Workshop from Viki Melrose who founded the school in 2001. The sisters plan to carry on her legacy and maintain the school as a fantastic place to dance, but also aim to grow the school over the next few years, creating more fun and exciting opportunities for the pupils. 

The POP workshop is a great place to learn to dance. In class we work with the children on basic technique and also fun dance routines, in a variety of styles including, commercial, street jazz and musical theatre. 

Our aim is to give the pupils somewhere that is fun and safe to dance, meet friends and build confidence. Giving them the skills they need to be the best performers they can be. If you love to dance, sing or act then come along to try out a class at The POP Workshop.

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